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Adoption information

A Welcoming Home Awaits Your Unborn Child

If you want to carry your baby to term, but aren't ready for the challenge of parenthood, consider blessing a wanting home with a child you’ve carefully prepared for them.


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It's Okay if You're not Ready to be a Mom

If you’re worried about the challenges of raising a child and don’t want an abortion, allowing a family to adopt your child is a responsible choice to complete the pregnancy.


  • Discover a family that shares your values.
  • Bring your baby to term with confidence.
  • Stay informed about your child after they're placed with their new family.


How Can Alpha Pregnancy Help with Adoption?


  • Access tools to connect with potential parents from a wide database.
  • Utilize resources for selecting adoptive parents based on religion, beliefs, and values.
  • Create an adoption plan tailored to the type of relationship you desire.
  • Receive medical care and legal services throughout your pregnancy.
  • Benefit from counseling support before, during, and after birth.
  • Engage in goal setting, career counseling, life-skills coaching, and educational opportunities.
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Searching for Answers?

We’re available to help on your own terms. Support is available through text, call, or in-person at our facility. All with your anonymity preserved.


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