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After-abortion Care

You’re Not Alone.
Let’s Heal Together.

Embarking on the emotional journey after a past abortion can be intense. We offer confidential support and referrals for peer counseling and classes, providing access to a supportive community during this vulnerable time.


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after abortion care


Questions related to after abortion care?

Alpha is here to support you as you navigate through your initial post-abortion needs with peer counseling and community referrals.

Though we don't offer any in-office curriculum at the moment, we work closely with another local non-profit called Not Forgotten Ministries for ongoing support and peer counseling. 

Call to set up an appointment, and rest assured, our services are completely free. We're here to help you find the support you need to heal!

Post-abortion support is available without an age limit. Whether your abortion occurred decades or a week ago, it doesn't matter. Regardless of your gender or age, there is a place for you here.

Since abortion decisions impact many lives, involving not only the mother and father but also those in their inner circle, we often see grandparents, brothers, or friends who have had a direct or indirect experience with abortion loss. We are available to help connect you with resources or refer you to  a local non-profit that offer post-abortion curriculums and peer-counseling. 

We believe that financial constraints should never hinder someone from receiving post-abortion support. Therefore, our services are always provided free of charge.

Thanks to the generosity of community organizations, church congregations, businesses, and individuals who empathize with those navigating post-abortion experiences, all expenses are covered by donors supporting Alpha Pregnancy Support. As a faith-based 501(c)3 organization, we receive no profit or financial incentive for providing post-abortion care.

As a faith-based organization, Alpha Pregnancy believes in Christian counseling and discipleship as powerful tools for healing from prior abortions. We connect women seeking healing with local churches and ministries that share this belief.

However, we understand that not everyone may be comfortable with the religious aspect. If you prefer non-religious support, Alpha will refer you to appropriate resources.

Participation in post-abortion care is not contingent on having a particular faith, and we do not coerce anyone in this regard. Our support and community referrals are extended to all individuals, regardless of their faith background or lack thereof.

At the core of our beliefs is the conviction that every human possesses immeasurable value. Our primary aim is to ensure you feel respected and loved through our support and the organizations we recommend.

after abortion



The Pregnancy Journey Doesn’t End After An Abortion

After an abortion, your body needs time to heal, both physically and spiritually. Don’t take the journey alone. Cope and heal with women who know what you’re going through.


  • Communal Healing
  • Emotional & Spiritual Support
  • Spiritual Counseling

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We’re available to help on your own terms. Support is available through text, call, or in-person at our facility. All with your anonymity preserved.


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