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How Is This Free?

How Is This Free?

Alpha Pregnancy Center offers complimentary services to women who are pregnant, including those who have experienced an unexpected pregnancy.


Thanks to community organizations, church congregations, businesses, and individuals who truly care for women in these difficult circumstances, all expenses are covered by donors who support Alpha Pregnancy Center. We are a faith-based, non-profit 501(c)3 organization that receives no financial incentive for pregnancy care.


We think every woman, no matter how much money she has, what her religion is, or if she's married or not, should get proper care and respect during and after pregnancy.  We believe in empowering women with knowledge about their bodies to give them options and support regardless of their decision.


If you need resources and support both during and after your pregnancy, Alpha Pregnancy Center is here to help.

Simply send a text to 336-901-3918 and get a real certified nurse to answer your questions and walk you through your options.

Searching for Answers?

We’re available to help on your own terms. Support is available through text, call, or in-person at our facility. All with your anonymity preserved.


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