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Facing an unplanned pregnancy? We're here for you with options and pregnancy support in Lexington, NC.


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Abortion Info

Discuss your pregnancy options in a safe, non-judgmental environment.


Free Pregnancy Tests

Begin by confirming your pregnancy status with a simple and free test.


Prenatal & Parenting

Receive support for your children with free resources and classes.


Other Free Services

Whether you're seeking confirmation of pregnancy, thinking about abortion, or just need someone to talk to who understands, we've got your back.

Pregnancy & Abortion FAQs

Determine your pregnancy status with a highly accurate lab-grade test, detecting pregnancy-related hormone levels with over 99% accuracy.

Alpha Pregnancy Support, a non-profit organization, provides complimentary and confidential pregnancy tests. Eligible individuals may also receive a referral for a free limited OB ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy.


Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

Typically, there are two to three days during each menstrual cycle when ovulation occurs – the period when your body is capable of becoming pregnant. This generally happens around two weeks after the start of your last period.

Estimating the time since your last period provides a general understanding of your ovulation window and, consequently, the potential conception date.

Alternatively, an ultrasound can offer a more precise estimation of the conception date. Fetal growth tends to follow a consistent rate, allowing for a more accurate date range determination than an ovulation calculator.


Gain More Conception Details

As with any medical procedure, the level of pain experienced by a patient can vary based on individual factors such as their body's response to treatment and personal pain tolerance.

However, it's important to note that factors beyond personal ones also play a significant role in influencing the level of pain. The type of abortion procedure chosen and the stage of fetal development are crucial factors that impact the overall experience of the procedure.


Learn more on what to expect

Alpha Pregnancy Support provides complimentary and confidential services, ensuring you have the necessary support to make informed decisions about your future. Our services are accessible without the need for insurance. If available, please bring a valid photo ID with you.



Abortion Pill Checklist

Studying in-depth, detailed information about the mechanics of a chemical abortion, combined with an ultrasound, empowers you to make informed decisions about your next course of action.


What you need to know


We are Here for you.

Online, over-the-phone, or in-person, be encouraged by getting answers to those critical questions.


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Disclaimer: Alpha Pregnancy Support does not offer or refer for pregnancy terminations or birth control. Information is provided as an educational service and should not be relied on as a substitute for professional and/or medical advice.